The Pharmacy @ the Medical Center offers the only bedside prescription drug delivery service available in Southwest Mississippi.

The Meds to Beds program gives patients and their caregivers a simple solution to ease the transition from hospital to home. When prescriptions are filled on site, medication management gets a solid start and the chance of a patient missing a dose of a critical medicine are greatly decreased.

How it works:

  • When a patient is being prepared for hospital discharge, he or she is given the opportunity to access the free Meds to Beds service.
  • The Pharmacy gathers prescription drug information from the patient’s medical team and prepares the Meds to Beds plan.
  • Prescriptions are filled on site and delivered to the patient’s bedside
  • Automatic refill programs available
  • Pharmacy team member calls patient to follow up within 72 hours
  • Free shipping on refills by mail *


*some exceptions apply